Our History

NUDES was founded on 7th March 1967 under the name “The University Swimming Club”. The club started with only 3 compressed air tanks, 3 regulators and 3 competition harnesses.

On the 9th April 1970, the Sports Union Committee approved the club’s name change to “Newcastle University Diving and Exploration Society” a.k.a. NUDES.


Our Purpose

NUDES was first founded to provide students with access to the underwater world in a manner that was affordable, safe and social. This vision informs all that we do at NUDES to ensure the best experiences for our members, from the events we organise to the businesses we affiliate with. 

As students ourselves, we understand how tight money can be when it comes to extra curricular activities. To make the under water world accessible to you, we offer the most affordable gear hire in Australia and have affiliated with of local businesses to provide you with a host of discounts for your desired certification.

All water sports and activities are inherently dangerous, but we believe that with quality training and reliable, well maintained equipment, that these risks can be minimised. Additionally, when you choose to become certified with any one of our affiliates, you can be confident that they are renowned for the safety and quality of their services.

At NUDES we strive to do all we can to ensure our members have safe and positive experiences in and out of the water. We run regular dives and other social activities so that you get to meet lots of other passionate water-people in a safe, friendly, and inclusive atmosphere. 

NUDES Committee


Aleeyah Clifford

Vice President

Hal Ingram


Jeremy Burns


Josh Ferguson

Matthew Hutchinson

Safety Officer

Patrick Scobie

social events coordinator

Tara Armstrong

Madellyn Herd

Social media coordinator

Zsaria Carruthers

Have you considered joining the committee or subcommittee?

Join the Committee!

NUDES is run by members, for members. Each year, a new committee is voted in at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) with all members being welcome to put up their hand to help run the club.

The committee is responsible for the overall management of the club. It’s their job to ensure the club operates in the best interests of the members.

Anyone is welcome to put up their hand to be on the committee and it’s a highly rewarding and enjoyable experience. If you like the idea of giving back to the club, learning how clubs are run, and meeting loads of cool people, consider nominating for a position at the next Annual General Meeting.

NUDES committee tasks

Administering a dive club involves many tasks, including:

    • organising and running dive trips and social events
    • Managing social accounts and website
    • Responding to member enquiries
    • Hiring out equipment to members
    • Organising regular gear maintenance to ensure all equipment is in safe and working order
    • Purchasing and replacing gear as required
    • Performing regular equipment stocktakes
    • Record keeping
    • Attending committee meetings
    • Liasing with affiliated businesses and organisations
    • Engaging in strategic and financial planning
    • Financial reporting

Join the Subcommittee!

The committee will often delegate to a sub committee, a group of club members who work in tandem with the committee to accomplish tasks, run events, and generally assist the committee in running the club.

There is no lock-in committment required to be a part of the sub committtee. Being part of the sub committee is an excellent way to get involved and gain an inside look at what is entailed in club management. It is a great place to start for those looking to one day nominate for a position on the committee.