The affiliate Program

At NUDES, we want to honor the trust our members place in our guidance and recommendations, so in 2022, NUDES implemented the Affiliate Program. The affiliate program allows NUDES to network and build relationships within the wider underwater sports community, that mutually benefits our members and local businesses. Through this program, NUDES is able to offer members sound and official recommendations for certification, events, and gear purchases, with businesses who offer superior service and discounted rates for our members.   

Our affiliates are hand picked by the committee after thorough review, and represent the very best the diving community has to offer. Our members can be confident that we will only recommend qualified and experienced professionals who have our members’ best interests at heart.

Current NUDES Affiliates: 

Salty Pilgrims Freediving

“no matter your age, gender or star sign, everyone can learn to freedive”

Instructors, Ellie and Jordan, are accomplished spearfishers, freedivers, and geuinely beautiful humans, who founded Salty Pilgrims in the hopes of introducing as many people as possible to the life changing world of freediving. At Salty Pilgrims, freediving is a way of life, a gateway to self awareness, and a refuge from the stresses of modern life. With Salty Pilgrims, you are bound to reach new depths, not just physically, but also mentally. Learn how to master your mind and body, and cultivate calm through freediving.

Affiliate Deals and Discounts:

NUDES members are eligible for $50 off Salty Pilgrims entry level freediving course. Just use code NUDES50 at check-out when booking the Salty Pilgrims course via thier website.

Click here to check out their website or book a freediving course! (Afterpay available)

Safety stop

“OUR MISSION: To offer the safest and most knowledgeable training and dive services to the SCUBA community. To spread a healthy respect and passion for our oceans.”

Safety Stop offers private tailored PADI dive courses to individuals or buddy pairs with a maximum of 2 students per class. This ensures you get all of our attention and we can customize the course according to your specific needs. Ask us about any level of training from very beginner up to professional level! We love to share our passion no matter where you are in your SCUBA journey.

Affiliate Deals and Discounts:

NUDES members are eligible for $8 tank refills and discounted Open Water Courses

Click here to check out their website or contact them on 0429 378 484

Are you a business looking to affiliate with the NUDES dive club?