We Have what you need!

The NUDES Gear Store is packed with all the gear you need for diving and snorkelling.

Our Gear Store is open by appointment only.

A late fee of $30 applies for each week gear is not returned. By hiring you agree to the NUDES gear store hiring policies. 

Bookings are only available for current members of NUDES (and NUsport)


All NUDES memberships, excluding social memberships, have access to snorkels, masks, short fins, booties and wetsuits.

Freediving or Spearing?

Our freedivers and spearfishers have access to all our standard snorkelling gear in addition to long fins, weights, weight belts, and diving buoys (NUDES does not offer spear guns or float lines for hire).

SCUBA Diving?

Our SCUBA divers have access to all the kit our freedivers and spearos do, in addition to tanks, regulators, BCDs, Oxygen kits and more. We simply ask that our SCUBA members please refill all tanks before returning them! Tanks returned empty will incur an additional $20 service fee.

You will need to produce relevant certification to hire specialised gear for freediving, spearfishing or SCUBA diving. Additionally, make sure your membership type is applicable for the gear you intend to hire!

Hiring Gear

Here’s what you need to do:

    • Come down to the gear store 
    • Bring your relevant certification(s), UoN Student Card/NUsport membership card
    • Show the committe member your relevant ID and certification(s)
    • Pick all of the equipment off of the shelf that you would like to hire
    • Read out gear ID’s from each item of gear to committee member at computer
    • You’re all set for a whole week! 

Caring for Our gear

To ensure the longevity of our gear, make sure you follow the care instructions:

    • Wash off all of your gear as soon as you can after diving – salt water will damage our gear if it is allowed to dry
    • Take care to wash wetsuits inside and out
    • Wash regulators with the dust cap secured
    • Drain all water from BCD before filling with fresh water, washing around and emptying again

Members are expected to pay for equipment that has been broken through wilful damage or neglect. Lost equipment must be replaced or paid for.

Returning Gear

When you are ready top return our gear, please ensure you:

    • Refill air tanks at your local dive shop (check our affiliates page to find one close to you and ask for a NUDES discount) Tanks returned empty will incur an additional $20 service fee.
    • Return gear to the gear store at the allocated hire times (or by appointment)
    • Check off hired gear item numbers with the committee member
    • Place gear back on shelves in an orderly fashion

Please return gear within 7 days of hiring. Each week gear is not returned after this window will be billed accordingly.


nudes gear store is located behind the forum… Just look for the nudes trailer!