• Access to all the gear you need to get in the water, whether it’s SCUBA, freediving, or snorkelling!
  • A community of divers who frequently organise shore dives in and around Port Stephens, Newcastle, and the Central Coast.
  • Club facilitated dive trips to locations like South West Rocks, Seal Rocks, and Coffs Harbour.
  • A range of social events such as pub nights, trivia nights, movie nights and pool training sessions!

Membership options:

At NUDES, we have membership categories to suit the needs of every would be Nudie!

SOCIAL land dweller

Not so keen on the water but keen on making some friends? Our social membership is perfect for you! You will get you invited to all our land based social gatherings. Come along for trivia, pub nights, and cinema specials with your fellow club members.


If you’re happy observing from above, then this membership type is for you. You can hire a snorkel, mask, fins and booties year round. Ideal if you enjoy cruising on the surface. You’ll be invited to all the land based social events and will be welcome to many water gatherings aswell, but you will be unable to dive. If you want to really immerse yourself in the underwater world then the next two membership types may better cater to your interests!


This membership gives you access to long fins, wetsuits, weight belts and dive buoys, on top of your regular snorkel gear. Uncertified? Our affiliates are experts in their fields and will teach you how to dive safely and with ease. You’ll be invited to specific training sessions and be kept in the loop of any freediving/spearing shore dives on top of the usual club social events.



This membership allows you to hire all the gear you need to SCUBA dive, freedive or spearfish (provided you are properly certified for each activity). Not certified? No Problem! You can sign up as a SCUBA member prior to being certified, so it will be ready for you when you are! If you want to upskill and diversify as a waterperson, this is the way to do it!

Membership Eligibility

All students of the University of Newcastle and exisiting members of NUsport are welcome to be a part of our club. If you are not a current student or member of UoN Staff, you’ll need to join NUsport following your signup to NUDES. (NUsport membership fees are a separate fee and are not included in NUDES Membership fee totals) 

If you are a Univeristy of Newcastle graduate or deferred student, or a current student of another Australian university, you are eiligible for an Associate NUsport membership for an annual fee of $65.

If you are not a Univeristy of Newcastle graduate or deferred student, and are not currently attending an Australian univeristy, you may join NUsport as an external member for an annual fee of $80 (Clubs are limited as to how many external Nusport members they may have, if you require an external NUsport membership please enquire with the club prior)